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Who is brandhowse?

brandhowse is a marketing group comprised of freelance professionals that work with small businesses on brand strategy and customized marketing plans.  We like to call ourselves an anti-agency.  What the heck is that? It means we’ve assembled a team of freelance professionals to complement your brand, style, and goals.  Yes, people that know YOUR industry.  Your brand is defined by your customers.  It is not what you say it is, it is what they say it is.  At brandhowse, you work with a key strategist that will make sure clarity and consistency are kept forefront, creating a connection with your customers.


how does it work?

The goal is to find a marketing solution that works for your business.  Need to start small?  No problem. Let’s create a scalable plan that will grow as you grow.  Need this but not that?  Sure!  All plans are all customized, meeting you where you are at.

are we right for you?

Companies usually reach out to brandhowse when they realize they, themselves, do not have the time to put into marketing and promotional efforts, but understand the importance of the ongoing investment in their business.  Our current clients have been able to breathe a sigh of relief when social media, menu design, Facebook ads, event promotion, photoshoots and much more are being handled.  brandhowse professionals have experience in hospitality, restaurants, events and packaged goods.  We take pride in providing our clients with insight and and ease based on our industry knowledge.


You started your business because you love your craft, right? 

Let us help you get back to it.

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