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Let's get to know each other

What do we do? We promote your business! brandhowse a marketing group comprised of freelance professionals that work with small businesses on brand strategy and customized marketing plans.   We work on your business so you can work in your business.


The people behind the lightbulbs


Andrea mace

Everyone is creative. Creativity is a human quality that exists in every single one of us.  Creativity is working hard, taking chances, being vulnerable and working as a team.  I have been fortunate to have had opportunities where I was given the space to create.  I wanted to do more. So, I did.​

In April 2019, I fashioned brandhowse, a marketing anti-agency collective focused on serving small to medium sized businesses. Our goal is to meet you where you are at and grow together. ​

I have walked in your shoes, both working for larger companies and for myself.  An intrinsic entrepreneur, my independent journey started just out of college selling t-shirts online. Ignorant to copyright laws, one cease and desist letter scared the pants off me and sent my first business to its grave. I laugh at this now but it certainly taught me valuable lessons in due diligence and did not stop me from trying again.  A few years later, I bought a linen rental company and quickly realized I enjoyed building the business WAY more than working in it. ​  I sold the company to someone with a greater passion for it and started building my business to help others build theirs.

My previous years of experience lie in hospitality, food and beverage, restaurants, events and consumer packaged goods. Now you understand the industries of focus of brandhowse.​

So, who is Andrea Mace?  Instead of spewing what I feel are my personality traits, I asked 20 of my closest friends, clients and colleagues.  Here’s what they said: driven, go getter/ambitious, fun, professional, persistent, approachable, hard-working, smart, problem solver, entrepreneurial, savvy, passionate, analytical, amusing, respectful, patient, flexible, engaging, loyal, wise, self-motivated, accountable, genuine and personable.  Now we’re old friends, you know all about me.

It makes me smile to work with people who are passionate and have an incredible drive to be good and succeed.  I look forward to collaborating with you to take your business to the next level.

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the team

brandhowse is a collective of freelance professionals.  You're thinking, "lovely, how does this benefit me?"  It's simple. The quality of work will be better and it will cost less.  Let me explain.​

Agencies may have high overhead costs which are then passed down to their customers.  With lower overhead and freelance professionals that have the ability to set their own rates, costs are generally lower.​

brandhowse works hard to add professionals to your customized team that have experience in your industry.  It provides an added level of ease, expertise and insight. Our vast list of partners allows us to find just the right fit for your business.



Moxie is a goofball pup that likes to make appearances on video chats or meetings so might as well put her to work!  She has strong opinions when it comes to deliverables.  Expect her to be on your side....especially if you have treats.

On a serious note, Moxie is a rescue dog that had a less than desirable first two years of her life.  She suffered abuse and was dumped in the woods to survive on her own.  This girl is working through her insecurities, fears and trust issues and making incredible progress!  

Prior to starting brandhowse, I too, was in a less than desirable situation.  Like Moxie, it took time to work through the workplace maltreatment.  Now, together, we're striving, thriving and loving life. With moxie, of course ;)

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